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Oregon and Washington Lifting Most COVID Restrictions On June 30

June 28, 2021

By Heather J. Van Meter

On June 25, Oregon Governor Brown announced the lifting of most COVID-related restrictions within Oregon, which will take place on June 30 or earlier if Oregon’s adult first-vaccination rate reaches 70%. Washington Governor Inslee previously announced that Washington would lift most COVID-related restrictions by June 30. In both states, this means no more masking requirements, physical distancing requirements, store/business capacity limits, early closing times, and eliminating the county risk level systems in both states. Restrictions on non-urgent healthcare procedures also are lifted. However, childcare facilities may continue to operate on an emergency basis (with extended hours) if already doing so. 

COVID-related restrictions on K-12 schools and higher education institutions also will be relaxed. However, the revised guidance will be coming from the departments of education and higher education for the revised guidelines. All K-12 schools and higher education institutions should watch for revised guidance affecting them. Both governors have announced in their press releases their intent for in-person education five days per week in the Fall.

Some restrictions remain in place, however. These include mask requirements, physical distancing, and other ongoing restrictions in healthcare settings and correctional facilities. In Oregon, Oregon OSHA will need to rescind its permanent rules relating to workplace COVID restrictions. It is hoped this will be completed by June 30; however, if Oregon OSHA is unable to rescind its COVID workplace rules, all workplaces will need to continue following OR-OSHA rules for COVID until the rules are rescinded.

Additionally, the federal masking requirement for public transportation, including airports and airplanes, buses, trains, and other public transportation, also remains in place until lifted by the federal government.

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