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Bullard Law Announces Its New Blog: Bullard's Employment Law Edge

April 8, 2014

By Michael G. McClory

I like talking about employment law, debating it, proposing revisions to it and even complaining about it.  Perhaps so they could get some work done, my colleagues at Bullard Law suggested I start a blog about employment law issues (I have already been editing the Bullard Alerts, but I guess they want more). And that is how the Bullard Employment Law Edge came came to be. 


In a way, the blog is 50 years in the making. As a kid in Southern California I had a preoccupation with the “terms and conditions” of kid-hood and frequently told people what I thought about various “workplace rules”: to coaches (“I deserve more playing time”), teachers (“grading on a curve ignores individual achievement”) and parents (“raising my allowance will encourage even more responsibility”). After college and law school (both at Notre Dame - 1986 and 1989L), I gained a little perspective, became part of management’s team, and now work with employers everyday.  Whether defending litigation or helping to navigate through a workplace challenge, the best part of what I do is the opportunity to work directly with clients. 

All of this experience is what I will try to bring to this blog. My intent is for the blog to be a forum for discussion about employment, labor and benefits matters. I plan to talk about new laws, proposed laws, case decisions and social events.  In addition to describing them, I also intend to offer my opinion. That is the reason we have chosen to call it the Bullard Employment Law Edge (or, sometimes, just The Edge).  Naturally, I would like to be right all the time. That is unlikely, though, and I will settle for being right some of the time (while hopefully giving you food for thought all of the time). When I am wrong (or right) feel free to tell me; reader feedback is welcomed and will be featured from time to time.

When I am not dealing with the law, I am spending time with my family (wife Carol, son John, daughter Annie, dog Jimmy) and in the community. Among other things, I have been a so-so soccer and basketball coach for a number of years (in Lake Oswego and CYO), a participant in a number of ad hoc committees for the Lake Oswego School District, and an Oregon and Southwest Washington Industry Liaison Group (OSWILG) Board member (currently serving as President). In addition, as much as I can I like to support the Oregon Food Bank (OFB), the SW Community Health Center (SWCHC), and the University of Portland (UP). 

I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to receiving your feedback.