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A Pacific Northwest native, Ms. Van Meter grew up working at her family’s natural resources and retail businesses, as a receptionist and sales clerk then bookkeeper. After earning her M.B.A. and J.D. degrees at Willamette University in 1998, Ms. Van Meter spent over 20 years in major law firms, teaching, and serving the Oregon Department of Justice. She brings her decades of education and legal experience, an inquisitive mind, and friendly nature to serve our clients in Oregon and Washington..

Ms. Van Meter began her legal career as a big firm associate, becoming a partner at Williams Kastner. She then took advantage of an opportunity to teach in Vietnam, teaching commercial law and company law at RMIT-Saigon. Returning from Vietnam, Ms. Van Meter taught constitutional law and evidence at Lewis & Clark Law School, then spent nearly nine years in the Oregon Department of Justice’s Civil Litigation Section, defending the state and its employees in employment, contracts, torts, civil rights, administrative law, and other legal disputes. As a trusted lawyer and trial attorney with over 25 years’ experience and dozens of trials and appeals, she has the knowledge to handle all her clients’ needs and a lifetime of wisdom to give practical advice to her clients.

While working as a trial attorney, Ms. Van Meter obtained a Master’s degree in human rights law at the University of Oxford, and a Ph.D. in international law at the University of Birmingham (England). She continues teaching to this day, including graduate school classes in ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility as well as law, history, and finance classes to middle and high school students. As a professor and teacher, Ms. Van Meter has gained the ability to explain complex legal matters in understandable ways.

Ms. Van Meter has been admitted to practice in Oregon and Washington, including Oregon and Washington state and federal courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She represents private, public, and not-for-profit entities through out the Pacific Northwest. She has a superb rating with Avvo and is recognized by her peers as a leading trial attorney.

In addition to serving her clients, Ms. Van Meter serves her community extensively and is a past member of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission (governor’s appointment), past elected Oregon Bar House of Delegates member, past president of the Marion County Bar Association, past President of Oregon Women Lawyers, past President of the U.S. District Court of Oregon Historical Society, and a former volunteer criminal prosecuting attorney in Hood River County. She is currently on the Oregon State Bar Nonprofit Law Executive Committee and is a member of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. In her spare time, Ms. Van Meter enjoys spending time with her children and large family, hiking in the great outdoors, and volunteering in her community.






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As Arbitrator
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  • Citibank v. Bostwick, Multnomah Co. Case No. 0904-05306 (2009)

As Trial Attorney
  • Neves v. Oregon Youth Authority, Marion County Circuit Court Cas No. 18CV05915 (2020)
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Other Significant and Exemplary Cases (reported and unreported)
  • L.L. v. Oregon Department of Human Services, Multnomah Co. Case No. 16CV30046 (2018)
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