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As an eighth grader Mike McClory told his slightly skeptical teacher that he planned to attend the University of Notre Dame and that he would eventually be a lawyer. Mike did both. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1986 (B.A. in English) and from Notre Dame Law School in 1989.

Mike began his legal career in California.  Working with several national firms, he gained valuable experience in the areas of employment litigation, employer counseling, and affirmative action /OFCCP compliance for government contractors.  At the beginning of 1997 Mike joined Bullard Law.  He and his family have loved the move to Oregon.

Mike values collaboration with his clients. Through active and ongoing conversation, Mike's goal is to help his clients find the right compliance strategies, to work through personnel issues, and to minimize their involvement in unnecessary adversarial matters. His employment practice includes disability and reasonable accommodation counseling, termination/employee performance counseling, discrimination and harassment law litigation, employee/employer contracts, and affirmative action/OFCCP compliance.

Away from work, Mike volunteers his time in a number of areas. Currently, he is the Board President for the Oregon/Southwest Washington Industry Liaison Group. Previously, he served eight years on the NWEEO/Affirmative Action Association Board of Directors. Mike served as the Bullard Law Team Captain for the Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger Annual Drive to benefit the Oregon Food Bank from 2001-2015.

Mike also has been active in the Lake Oswego community.  In addition to serving as a recreational soccer and basketball coach, he also has served the Lake Oswego School District as an appointed member of the Legal Budget, School Reconfiguration, and School Consolidation committees. Mike likes to watch Notre Dame football, but to relax enjoys vacationing with his family, watching movies and reading novels.

Mike McClory is author and editor of The Bullard Edge, Bullard Law’s employment law blog.


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