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We'll work hard to keep you out of court. But if conflict arises, we will be effective advocates and dependable partners as your employment litigation lawyer. Portland employers know that we’ve demonstrated our skills and experience with success in both state and federal courts, as well as in administrative agencies like the EEOC, BOLI, WSHRC, Washington L&I, NLRB, ERB and the Employment Department. We will work with you to find the most effective solutions in and out of the courtroom.

Look no further for an employment litigation lawyer. Portland-based Bullard Law has significant experience handling all types of employment related claims:
  • Employment discrimination and harassment
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Tort and contract
  • Whistleblower and retaliation
  • Family and medical leave
  • Disability
  • Wage and hour, including class/collective suits
  • Claims arising out of pre-employment tests, screening procedures, and drug and alcohol testing
  • Claims arising out of reductions in force
  • ERISA, PERS, and employee benefits
  • Non-compete and trade secret agreement
  • Complex employment-related business cases
  • Private sector and public sector labor-related claims and litigation before the NLRB, ERB and federal courts
  • Appellate cases