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Public Sector


As a public employer, you have a myriad of complex regulations and procedures to deal with everyday. We have decades of experience counseling cities, counties, health and hospital districts, colleges, school boards, public safety agencies, and others. Working closely with city managers, county executives and their governing bodies, HR directors, labor relations managers, sheriffs, police and fire chiefs, and other managers and supervisors, we counsel regarding all facets of public sector labor and employment law. Clients depend on us for a hands-on relationship that offers incisive advice, strategic representation, and a reliable responsiveness that is immediate when needed.

Our team is well equipped to represent your organization in all challenges or claims related to employees or unions. Labor contract compliance and administration including discipline, investigations, and Weingarten and Garrity issues are all aspects that can be handled by a Bullard Law employment attorney. Portland, Oregon employers know we routinely represent clients in response to union issues before state labor boards or commission hearings. In addition, we handle representation hearings, union elections, collective bargaining, and arbitration proceedings.

As part of our efforts to provide efficient and effective support, we offer an ongoing series of training programs to reduce the likelihood of litigation. You'll learn about negotiations skills, risk-mitigation strategies, hiring tips, and other time and cost-saving measures. When you work with a Bullard Law labor and employment attorney, Portland Oregon law can be less daunting.

Here's a closer look at ways we're here to partner with you:


  • Constitutional due process, liberty, and First Amendment aspects of all employment matters
  • Policy and procedure development, review, and related advice
  • Risk management and minimization advice in all employment and labor matters
  • Administrative processing of BOLI/L&I/Equal Employment Opportunity complaints, including discrimination and harassment
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Civil service related advice, including representation of the Commission and employer in matters before the Commission
  • Wage and hour compliance and claim defense
  • Workers' compensation claimant related advice
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Related statutory considerations including government ethics, privacy, sunshine, open meetings & public records and budget law related requirements


  • Collective bargaining
  • Appropriate consideration of public sector employment issues in collective bargaining strategy development and representation
  • Grievance responses and grievance arbitration
  • PERS and benefits related regulatory considerations and limitations in bargaining
  • Unfair labor practice claims
  • Defense of duty of fair representation claims against employers
  • Representation proceedings before state & federal agencies including Oregon's Employment Relations Board and Washington's PERC
  • Public contracting, contracting out and creating staffing solution advice
  • Interest arbitration